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About Us

Hello and welcome to Shopsmart - we're a leading supplier of commercial shop equipment products to companies across the nation. Founded in 1977, Shopsmart have been selling shop equipment for more than 40 years. We have always believed in offering our customers the best deals possible, on the highest quality equipment.

Shopsmart's customers range from small corner shops to the largest supermarket chains, and everything in between. We deliver right across the UK and take great pride in creating long lasting relationships with our customers with our unbeatable customer service. Whether you're just buying a few brackets or fitting out your whole shop, we're always on hand to offer you free expert advice.

Shelving and so much more

With the introduction of cheaper shelving from Asia, the world of shelving has changed dramatically over the past two decades. Cheaper shelving quite often comes at the expense of quality. At shopsmart we only stock only quality brands of shop wall shelving, Gondolas and peg board etc. We have been in business for over forty years, and have also owned mini-markets & several stores.

Our shelving systems are designed for any retail location and can bear the weights required by big supermarkets. We have heard horror stories of shelving systems collapsing due to quality issues and we are determined that our customers don't experience this nightmare. Our shelving systems are found in leading pharmacies, supermarkets, pet shops and hardware stores. 

Wire or acrylic risers can be added to the front of the shelves. We also stock a selection of ticket rails (in different colours) and if you need to display magazines or newspapers then we have a shelving system for you.

If you need to merchandise goods on hooks then we offer a selection of slatted panels or perforated peg panels. For a more custom made approach we can build counters or bays to fit precisely within your business. We can also help you if you need to display clothing. Chat with one of our agents about what system will work best for your business.

Our shelving systems are not only strong visually appealing but they are also extremely simple to install. Most bays require nothing more than a willing assistant, spirit level, a spanner for the adjustable feet and mallet. Once you have one bay installed the rest will come together extremely quickly. 

We are determined to make your business a success. We can help you put together designs and plans for your shop to ensure you have optimal customer flow and maximise your space. 

We can provide:

Shelving in a variety of heights and widths, counters and display units both pre-built and made to order, Metric Scales , Cash Registers, Wine display units, Stacking baskets,Bakery units, Catering equipment & the best selection of quality refrigeration (at the lowest price) through our sister site Fridgesmart.


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