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Gondola 1 GD1

GD1Width665mm £160.00
GD1Width800mm £179.00
GD1Width1000mm £179.00
GD1Width1250mm £199.00

* Prices excluding Vat

Gondola 2 GD2


* Prices excluding Vat

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GD Run End

Run end 1200mm high with 2 x 300mm bases

Run end 1400mm high with 2 x 470mm bases

£31.00 +Vat

Gondola GS1


* Prices excluding Vat

Gondola GS2


* Prices excluding Vat

GS Gondola Run End

GS1 Run end 1200mm high with 1 x 300mm base

GS2 Run end 1400mm high with 1 x 370mm base

£22.00 +Vat

Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelving is great way to create aisles within your shop , petrol station or supermarket etc. They are an ideal solution for maximising your floor space . If you need to create a flow of traffic through your business then gondola shelving is the way to go. Creating proper flow with good merchandising is a proven method for increased impulse purchasing. Gondolas can be supplied in different heights and depths and can be joined together to create aisles as long or short as you need.

Single Sided Gondola

It is not unusual to find a single sided gondola at the end of a run of double sided gondola , they are often used as a promotional spot or to sell fast selling products. Like all of our shelving single sided gondola can be supplied in a variety of heights, widths and depths. We can also supply these units with slatwall or peg metal back panels .
We have been selling shelving for over 40 years so if you do need any further assistance with your shelving requirements then please do not hesitate to contact one our sales team on Tel 0115 9413640

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