Greeting Card Display Units


Card Unit with 15 Tiers

Height Width Depth
1 Drawer 1400mm 1000mm 600mm £149+ vat
2 Drawers 1400mm 1000mm 600mm £179 + vat
2 Drawers 1400mm 1200mm 600mm £195 + vat


Card/Gift Wrap Unit 11 Tier

Height Width Depth
Greeting 11-1000 1400mm 1000mm 600mm £229 + Vat
Greeting 11-1200 1400mm 1200mm 600mm £237 + Vat


Card Unit 20 Tier

Height Width Depth
Greeting 20-1000 1800mm 1000mm 640mm £247+ Vat
Greeting 20-1200 1800mm 1200mm 640mm £259 + Vat


Gift Wrap

Height Width Depth
Gift-1280 1400mm 1280mm 600mm £279 + Vat


Counter Top Greeting Card Unit

Height Width Depth
TOP 860-100 860mm 1000mm 600mm £115 + Vat
TOP 860-120 860mm 1200mm 600mm £129 + Vat

Greeting Card Corner Unit

Only £179 +Vat

Made to fit your dimensions
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We also sell Card Racks for Shelving

CB1 Card bay

CB1 width 1000mm £325.00
CB1 width 1250mm £365.00

Greeting Card Display Units

Prices shown are for standard colour boards- cream ,white or grey
various colour trims available
Units also available in a variety of colours and wood effects at an additional cost.
Call or email us if you require any more information.
You may require a bespoke unit to suit your requirements , just call for our assistance
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