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About shelving

We at Shopsmart have created a range of shelving bays to order directly- from standard wall bays to bakery , magazine , fruit and veg displays , bays to hang goods on etc.You can create a bay to your own specifications , just give us a call on 0115 9413640 and a team member will be more than willing to help.

Not sure what you shelving you require? Purchasing shelving can be a daunting task for some people but don't worry we are here to help. Our shelving systems are available in a selection of heights- depths and widths. We can help you plan your shop or business to maximise shelving space & increase impulse purchases. We can help you create a custom plan and design for your business. Remember we owned several retail outlets so we really understand what you need. We may be a small family business but we have supplied major supermarkets, pharmacies and retail businesses all over the country.

Buyers Guide & Tips

If you decide that you would like to shelf a section of your shop you should take into consideration the following-
What stock will you be placing on the shelves- we stock from 570mm deep shelving all the way down to a 200mm deep shelf.
If you are going to merchandise the shelving with heavy goods you will need fixing brackets.
Measure the height - width and depth you require.

When measuring the space or business pay attention to the small things. Is the floor level ?
Account for fitting around any electrical sockets etc.Bays that are too deep are great for stock but not for customers. If shelving and Gondolas are too close together then customers cannot move around your business comfortably. . Good rule of thumb is to imagine two adults carrying baskets or with carts, can they pass each other with ease in the space you want to create? is it disabled friendly?

Understand the products you are selling and how to merchandise them. Put your most profitable products or promotional goods at eye level. Don't use too many shelves as overstocking can confuse your customers. Look at the major businesses that carry similar products to you. They have spent millions on researching customers behaviour and spending patterns, look at where they place products and look at how they flow customers around their businesses.
A lot of products nowadays are placed on sloping shelves, so be sure to make sure you have the appropriate risers and dividers. We stock both Wire and acrylic risers.

Shop shelving Suppliers

At Shopsmart we understand the importance of proper shop shelving. We have been in business for over 40 years selling shelving to corner stores to major supermarkets. We have a huge selection of gondola shelving, shop wall shelving & shop fittings, and we can help you plan & tailor your order to work within your business.


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