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Security Mirror

Security Mirror Eliminate Blind Spots

400mm £68 +Vat
600mm £74+Vat

Forged Note Detector

Counterfeit notes are affecting more and more businesses and thieves are no longer
using larger denominations. Secure your business with a forge note detector

Forged bank notes placed under the UV light will immediately fluoresce a vivid blue colour.

£35.99 + Vat


Small, fast and smart - the BJ212 from Baijia will protect your business from fake bank notes with its advanced counterfeit checking and compact size.

Supports all UK £5, £10, £20 and £50 notes as well as all Euro banknotes.

£79.50 + vat

Register Cash Guard

Delaying robbers can be a big deterrent. Adding a cash Guard to your till or register adds and extra peace of mind. Fits most cash registers and tills

£65 +Vat

Cash Security Box

Secure your cash from robbers and rogue employees with a proper cash box. Able to store both cash and cheques.

£58.00 + vat

Salter CC-804 Coin Counter

  • Auto Shut Off: Maximize battery life
  • Accumulation: Coin quantity, coin value and coin weight
  • Customised Coin Selection
  • Resolution: Up to 1/10,000 weighing and 1/50,000 counting
  • Digital Calibration: kg and lb
  • Power: UK power mains or four AA batteries (both included)

£79.00 + VAT

Customer & Visitor Chime

Know when customers or visitors enter your business with this Visitors Chime

Makes "ding dong" sound on entrance & exit of customer Easy installation Senses movement up to 5 metres .
Great for warehouses or shops.

£35.99 + vat

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