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Wall Shelving GP1

GP1 width 665mm £68.00
GP1 width 800mm £76.00
GP1 width 1000mm £87.00
GP1 width 1250mm £99.00

* Price Excludes Vat

Wall Shelving GP2

GP2 width 665mm £89
GP2 width 800mm £110
GP2 width 1000mm £110
GP2 width 1250mm £129

* Price Excludes Vat

GP3 Wall Shelving

GP3 Width 665mm £99
GP3 Width 800mm £119
GP3 Width 1000mm £119
GP3 Width 1250mm £135

* Price Excludes Vat

Corner Units

Internal 90 Degree Corner Bay
Available for -

GP1 Corner £129.00
GP2 Corner £135.00
GP3 Corner £139.00

* Price Excludes Vat

PF1 Peg Panel

PF1 Width 665mm £59
PF1 Width 800mm £66
PF1 Width 1000mm £74
PF1 Width 1250mm £79

* Price Excludes Vat

Slatwall bay SW1

SW1 Width 665mm £77.00
SW1 Width 800mm £89.00
SW1 Width 1000mm £99.00
SW1 Width 1250mm £114.00

* Price Excludes Vat

BB1 Bakery Bay

BB1 Width 665mm £79.00
BB1 Width 800mm £89.00
BB1 Width 1000mm £99.00
BB1 Width 1250mm £109.00

* Price Excludes Vat

FV1 Fruit & Veg Bay

FV1 Width 1250mm
£299 + Vat

* Price Excludes Vat

GB1 Garment Bay

GB1 width 1000mm £115.00
GB1 width 1250mm £125.00

* Price Excludes Vat

GP1 & GP2 Run End

GP1 Run end 2100mm high with 1 x 300mm Base

GP2 Run end 2100mm high with 1 x 470mm Base

PF1 & WB1 Run End

PF1 & WB1 Run end 2100mm high with 1 x 370mm Base

MG1 & NP1 Run End

MG1 & NP1 Run end 2100mm high with 1 x 470mm Base

BB1 Run End

1600mm High

1 x 370mm base (Foot)

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Shop Wall Shelving

Professional Shop shelving is the key to a successful business. It has to be sturdy safe and visually pleasing. We supply top quality shelving from the best manufacturers. Before making your shelving purchase it is important to make sure you have measured accurately . We sell wall units up to 2.4 m high , these can be free standing or if your will be merchandising heavier goods you can purchase fixings to attach your bay to the wall giving extra strength. Do you already have a shop plan of your shelving requirements feel free to email this to us for the best discounted price. If you are unsure or need further assistance with your shelving requirements please contact one of our sales team on Tel 0115 9413640 .

All our shelving bays can be joined together to make longer runs (remember to buy the extra run end) all the shelves are fully adjustable for your products. Shelves can be angled (with risers) or raised or lowered. You can have the choice of standard shelves, magazine shelves, pegmetal or slatwall. We sell extra shelves, epos ticket rails, risers & dividers. All our shelving is easy to put together. Simply grab a colleague or friend, a mallet & spirit level and you will be putting your first bay up in no time. If you should need further assistance do not hesitate to contact a member of our team on 0115 9413640